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I just took the Mary Sue Litmus Test for three of my original female protagonists. And here's how they scored:

Nelly 33: Borderline Sue. Understandable.

Kyra 29: Borderline Sue. I'm honestly surprised she didn't score higher. Maybe because she's so whiny and useless in the beginning.

Aqua Tears 74: Irredeemable Sue. ROFL. XD I'd agree if not for the fact that she has self doubt issues, acts like a bitch to Kyra, and hides most of her problems. Actually, she's just a bundle of contradictions and probably too complicated for this test, really. :/

...I still haven't been able to find a job. And these online applications are starting to piss me off. Though at this rate, by the time I do get one, I'd have to move to college right away. *sigh* Maybe I should just focus on my writing for now...
And mom still wants to go on a vacation. >_> Dude, we just blew $200 on train tickets!! NO MORE!

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