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More RPG rambling

AHHH I want to skip right to the end of the Winry plot RIGHT NOW so I could quit Mugenjou. >< But I wouldn't feel right doing that without Kirsten around and I don't know how to play Ed... Because I think the only way Kirsten could go on playing Ed without there being a huge plot hole is if I just left the plot go unresolved and Winry would be away....

I don't think I'd completely quit, though. I mean I could imagine myself still hanging around the community even if I'm not RPing, because I like the people there...maybe if I'm a mod or something...I don't know. D:

And I asked Monkey to RP yesterday and I still haven't replied because I was working on my story. GAH I don't want to mess up the plot at Chomo too! *GUILT*

...I almost posted this on Ed's journal, WTF.
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