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Kinda like writer's block but more frustrating...

[I am aware that this sounds whiny and naive, but allow me to rant, please. It helps.]

OMFG. No, I DIDN'T finish my Drog story yesterday like I'd wanted to, and I'm telling myself that I'll finish it today and send it out tomorrow, but goddammit I'm not INSPIRED for this story anymore!! NOT ONE BIT! I don't even want to be writing at the moment, and if I were writing I'd rather write Nelly, but I CAN'T. And I feel like I'm writing shit but the last time I thought I was writing shit but then I read it to my class and to Writer's Group and they were all like 'OH WOW THIS IS GREAT STUFF!'


And I don't see the point in writing a climax when I just feel BLAH about the whole thing now...

I doubt I'd even win the stupid contest anyway.

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