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More RPG ramblage.


Sooo after a discouraging day of being disappointed by two of the things I've been looking forward to for a while, we have THIS.

CSakuraS: DRAMA D:
ElvisIsACajun: i know o.o!!
ElvisIsACajun: it's okay.. they'll be alright XDDDD
CSakuraS: yes... XD
CSakuraS: this was bound to happen sometime
ElvisIsACajun: it was XD it was XD
CSakuraS: I'm just comparing it to how it happened at Mugenjou and....omg. XD
ElvisIsACajun: what have you come up with? XD
CSakuraS: if he brings her coffee cake now she's going to throw it in his face. D:
ElvisIsACajun: ommmmmmmmmmmmggggg XD
ElvisIsACajun: yeah it did change XD
CSakuraS: okay...not REALLY. but that's how she feels. XD;
ElvisIsACajun: i'm sure it is XD
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