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Cynthia's Great Haibara Post of Doom

Sooo I'm randomly fangirling again. Last night I went around digging up some Detective Conan pics. And here's some with my favorite character, Haibara. ♥ If you wish to make icons, FEEL FREE! :D

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4
Pic 5
Pic 6
Pic 7
Pic 8
Pic 9

I also tried digging up some manga scans, and unfortunately most of them have been deleted since the manga was licensed. D: Some of the links still work, though: (Many of the early cases that had Haibara as a prominent character :D) (The beginning of one of the best story arcs EVER. Unfortunately the next part, Shinichi's Rebirth, is not online anymore as far as I can tell. DDD:) (Aaaand a lot of the more semi-recent manga chapters!)
Tags: detective conan, haibara

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