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OMGWTF another post!!

I'm seriously thinking of leaving Mugenjou. Like I told Keely, I'm totally not into my Winry plot anymore. I'm already way behind on it and since Kirsten's gone (and equally apathetic it seems), it won't work out the way I'd wanted it to...and Izumi's not doing anything anyway. And if I do quit, the only reason I'd likely rejoin is if someone picks up Conan, because then he'd need Haibara to keep him IC in line.
But...with Keely quitting and then's seriously making me feel sad. For about 8 months my life has been consumed by this RPG. The various relationships and situations my characters have gone through...
Things I'll miss with Keely and Monkey gone:

-Ban and Winry as friends
-Winry becoming Ban's mother-figure
-Ban and Ed fighting
-Ban and Winry's late night AIM convos
-Ban opening up to Winry and the angst following that
-Ginji calling Winry "Win-chan"
-Ginji opening up to Winry as well
-Ed making an idiot of himself by picking fights with the Getbackers when he got food poisoning

And that's just focusing on Ban and Ginji. What about Aka/Xel? Aka/Riza? The fucked up relationship that was Xellos/Amelia? And so much more that I can barely remember it all right now...
I guess the most I can ask for is that no one deletes their journals, if just for the memories...
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