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CNU Orientation

Yeah, I didn't go to Writer's Group today. For several reasons. But I actually am writing, so hopefully I'll have something next week. :)
Aaaand this is long overdue, but here's a summary of the orientation thing at my college:

I'm still not into the whole nautical theme. >_>; Especially this "ditty" thing we had to do, which is basically we all (about 1,200 students) had to sit on the floor in two giant circles and sing a song and make hand motions and pat each others' thighs. WTF??? This isn't KINDERGARTEN! What made it worse is that I was wearing a skirt and we had to keep standing up and sitting down on a cold, hard marble floor. Not only that, but it was freezing cold the whole day! Isn't this the South?? Why isn't it HOT?
And then some lectures, basically saying that we are all ADULTS now and about the honor code and stuff. The teachers all seem really nice and dedicated though, and class sizes are small, so it ended up making me feel more excited than intimidated. :)
But of course all that ADULT talk was cancelled out by these skits that the Crew Leaders put on at the end of the day. Never have I seen something so uncoordinated, awful, and childish acted out by 18+ year-olds. I really wish they knew how to sing.
Some other interesting things- found out Mrs. Nelson (my high school Drama teacher) was there because her daughter was also going to attend. And my Student Advisor heads both the Literary Magazine and the Anime Club, which means I'll be seeing her a lot, and she's a very nice lady. SCORE!
But now...for more ranting. After the skits was the Dance Party, which was held on the first floor lobby of my dorm hall. I had the room right next to the entrance. Which means I could not read or write all night because there was loud rap, hiphop, and dance music THROBBING through the walls, and people were talking right outside my door, and there was some kind of soda machine too that kept going RRRRRRRVMMB every few minutes. My roommate came and we talked for barely two minutes before she grabbed her stuff and went to sleep with her mom in the other dorm hall. After a while, I did the same. So yeah...that was my first experience in the dorms. >/
I couldn't bring my sheets and pillow too, so I had to make do on a stained mattress with a towel and a blanket. And in the morning I woke up to realize that my mom was a horrible roommate, and that she shouldn't be telling me what to do since the whole point of this dorming situation is that I have to learn to live on my own.
But the food in the dining halls was good, and soon I went back to register for my Fall semester classes. I was able to get all the ones I wanted. ♥ And turns out that I got into a Learning Community, and though I couldn't get into my first choice, I got my second choice, which is English 123 and Ancient Philosophy. *___* I can't wait to meet my classmates. I mean, anyone who willingly joins Ancient Philosophy has to be interesting. thing that surprised me is that this school isn't very diverse. Everywhere I look there's white, white, white, oh look an Asian, white, white, couple of African Americans, white, white, and white. No hispanics. Blond hair everywhere. And they don't teach Japanese!! WTF!!!!! That President guy LIED to me! How the hell am I going to improve on my kanji now????? >__< So the only thing I can do about that is try to petition for one...maybe I can leave an impact on this college that way...and we do have an Anime Club so there must be people interested, right?!?
And...uh...other than getting lost several times and losing things, I suppose that's about all.

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