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New trailer?

Yaaay, I'm back. Yeah, it wasn't for very long, I just made that 'going away' image because I liked the picture and I could. :D I'll write about what happened later, but now...

...Can anyone tell me why the new trailer didn't make me feel all excited? Anyone? I just kinda sat there and went "...huh." Then caught up on others' reactions and speculation. This makes me feel sad and left out. :/
I don't think Ed is going to die. Nope. The last part of the trailer where's he's bringing his automail arm up to his chest (he looked so hot) and saying "I'll protect this world." Somehow I can imagine him having a change of heart in the end and opting to stay in our world willingly. I'd like that actually, though it would break Al's heart (which is what I think he's crying about).
And for some reason I am looking forward to seeing what kind of relationship Ed is going to have with Noa. I am shocked by this. I don't understand myself.
Everything comment. Right now I'm just hoping the movie makes some sort of sense.
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