Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

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Mom and I are going out to find some good cake. 8D Because yesterday's ice cream cake was small and we couldn't bring it back home. Afterwards we might watch a movie...then maybe more job-hunting.
Tried calling dad to wish him Happy Father's Day; turns out he's out for the next four hours. :/
Oh, tomorrow I go down to Newport News for the Setting Sail orientation thingy. I'll be back on Wednesday or really late on Tuesday. I'm taking lots of writing material with me. :)

EDIT: Why do none of the restaurants around us have good cake?! And when they do have cake, they're either smothered in sauce or "dark and rich" or covered in ten kinds of mousse!! I want light, not heavy! FUWA-tto shita keeki hoshiindayo! FUWA-tto!! >

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