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Gasp! progress!

(Jeez, I really went through a big posting-spree last night/this morning. I apologize if I took up too much space on anyone's Friend's page.)
Anyway, for the past couple of hours, I've been researching online for my Nelly story. Because even if it is fantasy, sometimes I like to have solid facts to back stuff up. Also, I can't count the number of times a bit of research has helped me come up with new ideas for my stories. Not to mention the fact that I get to learn really neat things in the process. For example, I never would have known what a aerometeorograph was otherwise.
And now my mom pulls out this book called "Alternative Cures" from her bookshelf, which will probably prove mega helpful in the future.
One thing that keeps irritating me though is that whenever I search for the word "potions," I end up getting all these pages having to do with RPG's. It's are fun, but I need real life facts, please.
Here are some interesting pages I found, if anyone's in the mood for some light reading:

I think I'm in a writing mood now. I should probably start on Chapter 2 before it gets too late.

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