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  • Tue, 14:53: RT @inunekokawaE: 成長過程ほんとにたまらなすぎて同じようなのばっかり描いてる気がする。笑 21巻は身長追い抜いたのも体格差もめっちゃ萌えるし何よりもまさかウィンリィちゃんの生着替え&下乳を拝めるとは(エドが)
  • Wed, 09:25: I’ve told my mom like 50 times that I took the day off, and still she yells at me to go to bed early, still she yel…
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    Thu, 13:03: RT @ _AlexHirsch: I guess it shouldn’t be a shock that the election was so close- America is currently trying to decide between…

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    Wed, 13:59: What. So there are TWO Vinland Saga English dubs? o.o …Can we get both??

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    Tue, 12:03: RT @ 7thPlatoon: Tue, 14:30: RT @ heelsiblings: Excellent portrayal of casual intimacy between…

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