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My journal is one year old today. Happy Birthday, Journal!
And now I shall look at my first post (and skim through my archives) to see how much I've changed:
Well, now...aren't I geeky. "FMA overload" indeed. At this point I would have been a fan for about six and a half months. My level of geekiness is actually quite embarrassing here...let's move on.
Hmmm, apparently I thought that I would never post in this again, leaving it ignored and abandoned much like my deviantART account. Apparently I was wrong. And like whoah, I've grown from having 2 friends to 28. And now people actually comment on my posts. WTF is up with that?
I was also translating the Kino novels. I eventually gave that up, of course, and now here I am translating a new FMA manga chapter every month. Which turns out to be a lot easier.
Also, this post was made on my first day of summer break. YAY for being a Senior and getting out early this year!
Writing-wise, I was still working on my Masks of Destiny story. Heh, I actually thought that I'd be able to finish Chapter 9 by the end of the summer. I think it was only after the Philadelphia trip that I started writing Nelly, thanks to my haywire imagination at that time. Could have been influenced by the train, who knows? (Speaking of which, I'd like to go to Philly again. T__T Or at least visit Union Station~)
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