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  • Thu, 13:08: RT @mattzollerseitz: This is a terrific and unexpectedly moving piece about an actor I've always admired.
  • Thu, 13:42: RT @stealthygeek: You watched a generation grow up on a diet of Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Marvel movies, you stripped away their hope…
  • Thu, 14:13: RT @terrycrews: Brendan is amazingly courageous in telling this. His assault experience is extremely similar to mine— ending with the assai…
  • Thu, 19:48: RT @michaelb4jordan: First of All I’m 6ft and they live with ME, put some respeck on my name. LOL...aaaand goku & naruto are real ones 🙌🏾 l…
  • Thu, 20:42: Haven’t talked about this much, but I’ve been very much enjoying the English dub of Space Battleship Yamato 2199 (o…
  • Thu, 20:59: Oh yeah, in case you didn’t know: STAR BLAZERS 2199 IS FINALLY LEGALLY STREAMING ONLINE NOW. It’s on Crunchyroll, i…
  • Thu, 23:58: Ahhhhhhh I wanted Evgenia to win gold. 😭
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  • Re: Legend of Korra Season 1 Finale

    Just my thoughts on the ending and the first season as a whole. SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS Right now what I mostly feel is…

  • Re: Medium Series Finale

    Finally caught up on this... FUCKING.....TEARS.....GODDAMMIT...... YOU CAN'T DO THAT!! ;_____; *CRIES ALL OVER SELF*

  • Sometimes I really love this show

    Oh god. OH MY GOD. The newest episode of South Park. It just did a whole scene between Cartman and Cthulhu that was EXACTLY like the scene where Mei…

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