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I love researching when it's on my own terms. :)

Deleted my last entry. Figured that after my almost-mistake with "Charon," I should be more careful in choosing names. So I'm going to do more research from now on. Short list:

-Perilla. Didn't know it was that "shiso" my mom uses. So it's an Asian plant, huh...? Perilla isn't supposed to be Asian...
-Rue. "often called 'honesty'" ...*snerk* Otherwise, PERFECT.
-Valerian. "found to be useful in certain kinds of epilepsy. The plant was in such esteem in mediaeval times as a remedy, that it received the name of All Heal, which is still given it in some parts of the country." "more often found on higher and dryer ground" INTERESTING. Also, I just now decided that his first wife is named "Chatarine." >)
-Borage. "derived from barrach, a Celtic word meaning 'a man of courage.'"
-Adonis. Already knew a little about this one, and it couldn't be more perfect.
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