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OMG INTENSE (continued)

Omg no...

Omg does this mean that Rose was raped?! By a soldier?! Oh man I knew she was in trouble back in episode 14, but...god. And don't think I didn't miss the symbolism there, either.
SCAR AND HIS BROTHER! That was too sad! They finally told the entire story! Unbelievable!
FUHRER IS PRIDE. Okay, so I was sort of expecting that, but still it's big news.
ED KICKED BUTT. Against Scar, no less. I'm glad Ed finally got to confront him about Nina, though the topic was quickly pushed away and forgotten in place of much more SHOCKING and IMPORTANT things.
AL KICKED MAJOR BUTT. With a piece of chalk, no less. Go Al! This made me really happy...that is, until his insides started dripping with blood and omg his reaction! *SOB AGAIN*
But waitaminute...WTF is up with Lyla? And if Dante created Greed, then she had to be over 130 years old or something like that...major HUH? And I still don't see how Hohenheim is going to fit into all of this.
Next episode also looks incredibly good. Wrath is back, and sounds like the Elrics will finally confront who Sloth really is (or WAS).
I have a feeling this series is going to take the #2 spot on my Most Favorite Anime list soon...Kino, watch your back.

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