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Yay for icons and conversations!

CSakuraS: huh...just realized that Kino is in a lot of the same poses in these illustrations. :/

CSakuraS: I SWEAR...the coat has a life of its own O_o;;
ElvisIsACajun: it really does I was jsut thinking that XD

CSakuraS: so many expressions to choose from~
ElvisIsACajun: when you said so many expressions were you beign sarcastic???
ElvisIsACajun: i see maybe five or so in him so far or les XD

CSakuraS: I think Kino has a gun fetish
CSakuraS: SEE?? :O
ElvisIsACajun: he seiruosly does O___O

CSakuraS: Kino is a girl, btw XDD
ElvisIsACajun: .........REALLY? O_O
CSakuraS: YES :D
ElvisIsACajun: kino beign a chick jsut made the show 1983876593 times better XD
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