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So...I didn't finish my Drog story. Damn. BUT I FINISHED CHAPTER TWO!!!! YES, AT LAST! :D And I read it at Writer's Group, and now I shall quote Jessie and Justine: "It's Nelly!" YES, IT'S NELLY! :DDDDD
I think the only negative thing I heard was Ron saying that my story's been lacking conflict so far...well that's because he hasn't read Chapter 3! >O This story is so full of conflict there's almost TOO MUCH of it!! I MUST SHOW THEM!
OMGOMGOMG! I can finally start Chapter 3! I'm finally getting into the meat of the story! AT LAST AT LAST! I can't fully express how happy I am to be able to write this, to let my imagination go, and to ENJOY it! I can be passionate about writing again! AND I JUST DRANK A WHOLE CUP OF COFFEE AT WRITER'S GROUP SO I CAN STAY UP ALL NIGHT DOING IT!


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