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RE: Nadia eps 13-16 (Contains vague spoilers?)

Wow......this show is INCREDIBLE.

Episode 13- at first I thought this would be fun filler, but it ends on such a serious, angsty note. O_O

Episode 14- SANSON OMG <333 I love how he and Grandis are developing, I never thought I'd be fangirling him but how he reacted to Marie getting sick was so touching. T__T

Episode 15- Oh gee...Gargoyle, that was harsh. What a painful way to end the episode...I was staring at the screen in shock for five minutes.

Episode 16- I love how they designed Atlantis. It's beautiful. Okay, not really, but really creative and fitting and WOW. ...So many deep themes in this.

*looks at DVD box cover* " of the greatest shows ever made."


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