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A different kind of translation!

So...Scar is currently high on crack and typing with only half of his keyboard. Here's what he's TRYING to say! :D

"aagggggg craf!!!1" = Aahhhhhh crap!!!!

"a byt freaceffyed ryte vaw!!!11111!!!!1111111weeeeeeeeeeeeeee" = A bit preoccupied right now!!! (Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee.)

"vy vade es vat scar ets dartf vader" = My name is not Scar, it's Darth Vader!

"ed y vaz yer fatfer fafafafafafafafa@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@1!" = Ed, I am your father! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

Thank you, and goodnight. u_u

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