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HAHAHA I KNEW WE'D WIN! >DD ...But it was too close. We're slipping up, Kirsten!! >E THIS CANNOT BE ALLOWED! Okay, so it was mostly my fault.

Page 38:

You want to say 'We got you involved'?
What's with that face?
Don't misunderstand me.
I told you that we'd joined forces.
We're the one who proposed the idea and we agreed to cooperate of our own interests, so there's no need for you to feel responsible at all.
In order to obtain immortality we left our country prepared to make these kinds of sacrifices.

Page 39:

...That's right.
I had tried to prepare myself because I was burdened with the fate of my family.
I wasn't prepared enough.
I was soft.
Ran Fan was more prepared than I was.
Are you okay?
Is there anything we can do?

Page 40:

A mechanical arm...
Isn't there something called automail in this country?
I've lost my arm so...
I need an another arm to take its place...
I'll introduce you to a good mechanic.

Page 41:

She's strong.
Yes, I am proud to have her as a retainer.
Ahh I'm late in greeting.
I'm a Colonel of the National Armed Forces, Roy Mustang.
I've heard about you. So you're a Prince of Xing?
I am the Twelfth Son of Xing's Emperor, Ling Yao. I thank you for hiring a doctor.
I as well am obliged in the case of Maria Ross.
Yes, but even if in secret I am glad to have made ties with a Colonel of the National Armed Forces of Amestris.

Page 42:

That's true.
I also consider having made ties with Xing's imperial family to be a great fortune for the future.
And yet the greatest fortune of all...
...Hey what is that?
A Homunculus called 'Gluttony.'

Page 43:

A Hom...
Be careful. A Philosopher's Stone is inside its body so it won't die easily.
Though it will die if you keep on killing it.
Am I stupid? Or are you crazy?
The Philosopher's Stone which is said to be said to be created through the sacrifice of numerous lives.
And a monster that is created with that as its nucleus...that is a homunculus.
Furthermore, apparently they have a tie with some part of the military.

Page 44:

Maes Hughes seems to have realized the military's dark side. He was killed by these guys.
Is that true?!
Some part of the military?! It's a lot more than that!!
King Bradley.
There's a chance that he's a homunculus too!

Page 45:

Under the eyepatch...their mark was on his eyeball!!
He was tracking us down with Gluttony!
The head of this country is a homunculus?!
What's the motive...
...Or rather, if the Fuhrer is a homunculus then there's no way his family or the people around him wouldn't notice!
About that, while there was certainly the presence of countless people inside Gluttony, not in Bradley.
Clearly he has the same presence as that of a human.
According to books, homunculi are classified as a lifeform that does not have the ability to reproduce but...
The Fuhrer has a child, right?
But his son Selim is adopted.
The Fuhrer doesn't have a child that shares his own blood.

Page 46:

A monster or a human...
Either way, it's become easier to drag him down from the Fuhrer's seat!
First of all we get information from Gluttony.
If possible let's try to get out the Philosopher's Stone too.
I may be able to use it to cure my subordinate.
We lost Ran Fan's arm to get this clue to immortality! I'll have you allow me to take Gluttony back to Xing as soon as possible!
Wait just a minute!!

Page 47:

We've also been searching for a way to restore our bodies for a long time! I won't forgive you for just running off with it!
That's right! You're illegal immigrants, aren't you? Do you think you can just move out of the country without our help?
Ahhh jeez this talk is getting nowhere. Hey Mustang, I'll be leaving now.
Wait! Please stay in case we have a majority vote!

Anyway, scanlation should be posted in an hour or so, depending on when Kirsten gets her internet back. :/

EDIT: Apparently now we have a friendly anonymous stalker named Nao. :D

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