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Some random thoughts from 1 in the morning

I just flist is no longer dominated by mugenjou_high posts. O.O

Right now I'm conversing with the enemy! And sending her Kino eps! OH NOES~!

Those ants never give up, do they? >/ They keep finding new ways to get into the kitchen...

I need to get Winry interacting with more people in Chomolangma. D: I've only RPed with Keely and Naru so far...and I need to sort out Chrono's history and background so I could do more with him. :/ And I SWEAR, I haven't forgotten about Squidapeely! It just needs to be a weekday before I can post as Giovanni again...

Maybe I could do some writing tomorrow. Maybe. I'm just glad that I got all my priority things done today.

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