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  • Sat, 20:02: New Attack on Titan episode: Goddamn that was so EXCITING and satisfying to see animated. *___* That cliffhanger was a thing of beauty lol.
  • Sat, 20:02: Also I still love Hange's blush at Titan!Eren nodding, ahaha.
  • Sat, 20:04: I am just so proud of Eren during that fight though. He was doing so well! :'(
  • Sun, 10:23: RT @natumikan383: 麻衣の態度、確実に悪夢の棲む家の頃には変わってたと思うメモ漫画 というか真実を知った後はめっちゃサバサバしてそう(体感)
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