Cynthia (csakuras) wrote,

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I've officially graduated high school. I am teh accomplished. But I HATED THE HAT ARRGGHHH it kept falling off and I had to hold it up when I went to get my diploma and couldn't see anything the whole time!!! >< time I RP with Keely, I'm posting it. >/ I mean it's been a week since we started and it's all...yeah. Slightly annoyed.

Otherwise, today's been good. Grandma didn't antagonize mom at the restaurant, and despite the fact that it was Korean-owned (I mean come on, no one Japanese would name a restaurant "Oeeshii." It's not even romanized correctly!) it was still really, really good. :O

But I feel bad because Kirsten's been doing all this work while I'm gone. D: Why do the chapters have to keep coming out when I'm really busy?!

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